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Gift Aid

If you are a UK taxpayer, Gift Aid is too good to miss.

All you need to do is complete a simple Gift Aid declaration that will allow us to claim a further 25 per cent of what you donate from the government.

It costs you nothing, and helps us a lot.

  • If you give £10 per month as a Friend, we will receive an extra £30.00 every year.
  • If you send a single gift of £100, we will receive £125.

If you become a Friend or donate, all you need to do is tick the Gift Aid declaration on the online form.

If you are a higher rate taxpayer, Gift Aid can benefit you too. You can claim the difference between the higher rate of 40% and/or 50% and the base rate of 20% by completing the relevant section on your tax return. This means that for a donation of £100, we can claim £25 in Gift Aid and you can claim a further £25 (if you pay tax at 40%) or £37.50 (if you pay at 50%).