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Free wellbeing activities

These wellbeing activities for schools, children and families are based on the Skills for Life programmes. The children's activities are designed to help children process feelings, communicate effectively, cope with their anxieties and difficulties and deal with change and loss.

Children's Activities:

  • Can be downloaded or done with pen and paper
  • Designed for children aged three to nine and can be adapted for younger or older children and children with Special Educational Needs and disabilities
  • Include instructions for adults to complete with children

We also have a useful article and video on How to Talk to Children about Death.

And a video to help manage school transition from a social emotional perspective.

Young Carers Activities

Activities designed to help those working with young carers to promote their social and emotional development by helping them to process feelings, communicate effectively, cope with their anxieties and difficulties, practice self-care, build strengths and resilience and deal with change and loss.

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How to identify and cope with different feelings.

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How to express how you feel and asking for help

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How to make and keep friends and deal with rejection

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Change and Loss

How to cope better with difficult changes including bereavement and school transition

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Ways to cope and be mindful

Mindfulness activities and coping tools

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Early years activities

We have developed a selection of play-based activities to promote young children's social and emotional development and wellbeing.

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Themed activities

Activties for Children's Mental Health Week and Anti-bullying week.

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Good Books for Tough Times

There are lots books available that can be an excellent starting point for tackling issues with your child. We’ve made a selection of some of the best of them, all independently chosen by Partnership for Children. And these are books that are well worth reading with your child, whether or not they are going through difficulties.

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Teacher mental health activities

Many of the teachers we work with already find our programme for pupils to be beneficial for their own wellbeing. These activities use the same concepts and theories as our programmes for children and focus on coping skills.

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