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Where we work in Africa and the Indian Ocean


Programmes: Zippy's Friends, Apple's Friends, Zippy's Friends for Pupils with SEND

  • Launched 2009
  • Children this year - 18,264
  • Total children since launch - 67,079

Zippy’s Friends was introduced in Mauritius by the Catholic Education Bureau, and was the first social and emotional learning programme to be implemented in Mauritian schools. Having gradually expanded through the Catholic schools, Zippy's Friends is now being taken on in government-run schools as well, and the goal is to have the programme implemented in all primary schools. It has also expanded to nearby Rodrigues Island.

Our partner in Mauritius - Action for Integral Human Development


Programme: Zippy's Friends, Apple's Friends, Passport

  • Launched: 2019
  • Children this year: 392
  • Total children since launch: 887

Our first African partner is Premier Academy in Nairobi. This school has a record of excellent academic achievement, but Zippy’s Friends was the first programme to be taught specifically to promote the children’s emotional wellbeing. The school now runs Apple’s Friends and Passport with their pupils. In 2021 Premier Academy trained teachers from schools run by the NGO, SHOFCO and Zippy’s Friends is now being taught in two girls schools in the urban slum areas of Mathare and Kibera, Nairobi.

Our partner in Kenya: Premier Academy